10|7|11 Model Making at Andrea’s place
Experiment option no. 2: Using Craft Foam
After buying a 1-2mm Craft foam At G-mall dumaan muna kami sa Mcdo and Jollibee para bumili nang pagkain kasi gutom na talaga kami :( then proceed sa bahay nila Drea. 

After we ate our lunch, we continued the model making and our experiment about the craft foam. So this is how we did it. 

  1. We formed the exterior out of craft foam
  2. and then, after we formed it… we cut it according to it’s shape.
  3. after cutting the form, we cut the details out. It surely takes time doing it.(Me, Albee and Jessie) It was fun at first though but so tiring in the end.
  4. We used the mixture of water and glue as emulsion and brush it on foam for nth times. (We use a blower to dry it faster)
  5. then spray paint it white. 

I’ll post their model later :D

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