zodiacbrain:Sagittarius hates being confined, they are true free spirits. Fun Zodiac Sign

zodiacbrain:Sagittarius hates being confined, they are true free spirits. Fun Zodiac Sign

The Sleep Habits of the 12 Zodiac Signs


Aries Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Aries are a hyperactive sign and tend to have sleeping troubles. Their dreams are often intense and vivid, They find it very hard to wind down at night and ignore the health benefits of good sleep. Slide sleeping is known to improve sleep quality
Taurus Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Sleep can be very fitful for Taurus if they are not comfortable. They are especially sensitive to their environment. They tend to sleep long and appreciate bed time. Meaningful dreams. Sleep best in company.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Gemini can survive off a fairly minimal amount of sleep - but it eventually catches up with them. Their minds are always racing in overdrive so sleep never comes easily. Many see sleep as an inconvenience and insomnia as productive ‘extra’ time
Cancer Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Cancer can have restless sleep patterns because they are likely to suffer nightmares a lot. Bedtime is especially volatile for Cancer because they dwell in all their troubles before sleep. They usually never feel completely ‘awake’
Leo Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Most Leo are back sleepers and tend to drift off quite easily; unless they are stressed. They appreciate bed time and like to sleep amongst the most luxurious and sensuous of sheets and linen. Meaningful and precognitive dreams
Virgo Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Virgo cannot sleep if they are stressed or in an environment of disorder. Their chronic habit of overthinking makes it difficult for them to wind down before bed. They function most well when they have obtained a ‘sleep schedule’
Libra Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Libra swing between sleeping too much and not enough. They can survive on minimal sleep for a short period then literally spend days in bed. A balanced sleep pattern is a good sign of inner equilibrium for Libra
Scorpio Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Scorpio’s sleep is directed by their state of moods. A ‘lifted’ Scorpio will survive off minimal sleep - pushing bed time back as late as possible as they fall into their concentrated obsessions. An unhappy Scorpio will become very hypersomniac and need a lot of sleep

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Sagittarius can survive off a minimal sleep arrangement but tend to naturally exhaust themselves through the day. They can put off bed time by becoming too excited or hyper about things at night. Occasionally restless, meaningful dreams

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Capricorn appreciate their sleep and try to get as much as possible - knowing it is within their best interests. A stressed Capricorn will have pronounced sleep troubles - insomnia is a sign of great inner distress for this sign
Aquarians Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: have pronounced sleep troubles and tend to be restless and uncomfortable in sleep. Their racing thoughts make it hard for them to wind down at night and their use of technology and reading before bed compounds their minimal sleep
Pisces Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Sleep is opium for Pisceans; and out of all the zodiac, they need the most hours. Their receptive nature means they are drained by others and sleep restores their energy reserves. Many never feel truly ‘awake’; they tend to have vivid and meaningful dreams

The Crossroads of Should and Must

When in doubt read this.

faith without works is dead, and I’m drop dead!

Oh life! God has given me the opportunity to be great but what I am doing? I do nothing! Nothing at all. and I’m running out of time. My friend, once told me that “kung gusto maraming paraan”, telling me that I’m a freeloader, which is true because it hurts. It hurts so much because he’s right. In contrary, we’re living a life with full of conformation. Conformation with the people around you, to the society, your friends, and your family. Why do I have to conform my self from them!? If only if I could do things on my own and run my life based on what I want it to be. Pero ganun parin. WALA PA RIN AKONG GINAGAWA! 

Made a new page for my photos!  » ShynWanders «

Made a new page for my photos!  » ShynWanders «

April 22, 2014 Ladies Day at DecaWake Park Davao

April 19, 2014 - Day 2: Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort General Santos/Sarangani

HAPPY BIRTHDAY INAH!! huhu wala koy gift :( iaalay ko nalang ang aking presence. <3 





Goodbye beautiful place! sea you next time <3

Stop over no. 1

Stop over no. 2 at Mers! Bili muna nang pasalubong para hindi mapagalitan.

April 18, 2014 - Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort General Santos/Sarangani


While having our stop over sa may palengke nang Glan, Can’t help but to notice this antique house at pinasok ko talaga. Pinayagan naman ako nang may ari na kumuha nang larawan. Ayon sa kanya, minana niya pa daw ito sa kaniya lola at lolo, hindi na ako naki-alam na tanungin ang pangalan, kakahiya naman. Anyways, grabe talaga ang details nang bahay, nakakamangha at na preserve pa. Kudos to the owner. :)






On our way to Sunset Boulevard!




A hidden place where only few people lang ang pumupunta dito. 








looks like a globe/ world map from a far pero corals talaga yan. (Bad thing corals din itong tinatapakan namin pero already dead)



April 17, 2014 - Seven Falls Zip Line

Our journey para maghanap nang CR, ang layo nang naabot namin ‘yun pala may CR naman dun sa zipline area. tsk tsk Kinapalan nalang namin mukha namin kasi wala kaming dalang pera, may bayad pala ang CR na 5 pesos. haha. Utang nalang muna :)

It’s our first time to do zipline chamba pa sa one of the highest! with a height if approximately 180 meters.

Here we go!

Medyo kinakabahan at naninigas at first pero carry lang! Nakakalula talaga, halos ayaw na nga naming tumingin sa baba the rest sa ride pero sayang eh!

Stop over no. 2

Welcome to Surallah! Stop over muna para tingnan yung works ni kubla sabay picture2x.

That TILAPIA-s! Suko kaayo na tilapia

Stop over no. 3

Danboard? How’s your hairstyle today? So cute!

Stop over no. 4 : Glan, Beach side

we’re just too playful, at hindi talaga kami nauubusan nang magawa.

April 17, 2014 - Punta Isla Lake Resort (Lake Sebu), South Cotobato

I was invited invited by Inah to their family getaway/ reunion. Para rin naman may kasama si Inah na ka-edad niya to think na reunion ito nang mga kaklase nang kaniyang Daddy pati narin kasamahan nang Mommy niya sa trabaho. Yep, Joiners talaga ako sa lakwatsang ito. Pero sayang rin naman ang pagkakataon. So, I’m grabbing this opportunity na!

Our first stop:

With the T’boli tribe ladies who welcome us with smiles sabay kindat.

The place where we stayed overnight. A replica of a traditional T’boli house.

We don’t own this umbrella but I find it very colorful, can’t help but…

Their sort of stand lamps.

Lake Sebu is known for their tilapia which is very abundant to this lake.

While waiting for the sunset..

We were blessed to witness such magnificent change of colors!

At night, the staff of the resort prepared some presentation to entertain their visitors. Fire dance and some traditional play.

Wooops! this moment was captured by Inah Leong


For our dinner, Inah’s dad prepared some shabu-shabu for all of us with a cutie patootie fluffy stuff! haha

April 12, 2014 - Epol Climb at Bukidnon-Davao Boundary

At dahil nasiraan kami along the way, tigil muna.

At dahil adventurous ako kahit saang angle nalang HAHA!

Drop point to Epol, tapos sabay kain narin nang early lunch.

Our view in the middle of our trek.

As we pass by the campsite.

look at that unique kind of branch/ plant! parang snake kung biglang tingin.

River trekking!

Almost there guys!

The deer spot! where that tree where doni’s standing, looks like a deer horn.

Our final destination! Kain muna nang lunch.

My attempt to do a split-shot whithout a viewer. 

View from the top of the falls. How I wish I could swim that good enough for a fresh water. para naman ma enjoy ko lahat nang falls na madaanan namin. err! Ngayon hanggang tingin nalang muna ako.

On our way back.

While waiting for others na dumating. Medyo nauna kasi kami nila arvin so water cooling nalang muna.

Tadaa! the falls!

We went inside the cave too but unfortunately wala akong pictures. Buti nalang meron si Shena. yey! :)

All Photos below credits to: Calvin and Xena’s Album